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September 17, 2020
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This will be a general use review around 3 products: 80v Greenworks Pro 16in Trimmer (GST80320), 80v Greenworks 21in Push Lawn Mower (GLM801601), and an 80v Pole Saw. These were all purchased around May 2019 (plus or minus a couple months).

I live in a place where it can get over 115 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, and where I live is over 1.5 acres. So we have some land to maintain., and can honestly we have tested the equipment.

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I will start with the push mower. The battery could always last longer, but at the same time, I cannot complain. Greenworks does offer a 4ah 80v battery, I currently only have two, 2ah batteries. Typically I can get 15 to 20 minutes on a single charge when going through grass that is thick or keeps the lawnmower at full throttle. Which it would be nice to make that 30 to 45-minute mark, but when its 100+ degrees outside and you are cutting tumbleweeds up to your knees getting 15 to 20 minutes per charge is not bad. The issue is it can take 45 minutes to charge because the battery has to cool before the charger can charge it. We have run this lawnmower hard. Shortly after we got it, we used it for several hours a day for several weeks, and it didn't phase it. The biggest issue was the blade dulled super fast, but Greenworks was great and sent us a new one. In the last year, the only other item we have had to replace is the fan that helps push the grass out of the mower. Part of that is because of the design, there are a few issues there. If the blade gets loose it can cause the notches to hold the blade to wear. However, where I live it can get over 115 degrees Fahrenheit. So when you run it for several hours straight the system gets hot. So to get a year use out of it, I would say under normal use it would be fine.

Overall I am very pleased with the push mower. If you are wanting a battery-powered push lawnmower and want to have something that has the power of gas, their site claims it is the equivalent performance to a 160cc gas engine, I would look at Greenworks.

The next we will look at the pole saw. It uses the same 80v battery as the lawnmower. Because you are only using the power in bursts, the battery feels like it lasts a long time. The 2ah battery is more than enough to get things done. Overall, it works well and I am glad I got it. However, it seems if you do not have the saw at least slightly up the oil can come out too fast and cause the chain to pop off, especially if the tree is more of wet wood. That can get frustrating if you are out trimming trees and have some low hanging branches that you want to trim. However, I still would highly recommend the product if you are looking for a pole saw, look at Greenworks.

The last is the trimmer. As I mentioned before I live on over 1.5 acres. One or two batteries can cover the area, especially if you keep it maintained. If you have a lot of thick weeds or grass you will use more, but the battery will last for over 30 minutes. So by the time the battery, I was using was dead, the other one was charged or close to it. The larger issue I had was the string diameter. when I ordered the trimmer I saw a post and comment to imply that the trimmer could use trimmer line that was 0.090in diameter. It doesn't. The largest is supports is 0.080in diameter. That doesn't seem like a large difference, however, when you are having to cut through tumbleweeds, that difference is huge. At 0.080in the tumbleweeds almost eat the string. So if I am going all around the yard, I can refill the trimmer line 5 to 10 times. It is quick and only takes a couple of minutes, now that I have a system to do it. If the line was 0.090in I could go through half or less. I used to have a gas edger that supported that larger line and you do not realize how much it makes a difference. Hopefully, that is something Greenworks has improved.

Overall I would highly recommend Greenworks. If anyone from Greenworks stumbles on this, I would love to provide reviews of your other products and test them out for people. I do have plans to buy one of their chainsaws. When I do I will either update this review or provide a new review around that.