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October 29, 2020

This week in history what will be shared.

For a good number of us, we remember Windows XP, at the time of writing this there are probably some people still using it, and given how it was received is why it is being featured, Microsoft Releases Windows XP.

Windows XP was released on October 25, 2001, and took everything people loved about the NT Kernel and turned it into a viable consumer product. Before Windows XP if you were running Windows 2000 you could have issues running some applications that were not designed for the NT Kernel. Windows XP also introduced everyone to a 64-bit version, not that it was great and had some limited driver support but it was there and evolved into a solid system as 64 bit became more popular. It had 12 years of support, I cannot think of another windows system that had that life or support. It probably didn't help that the next version of windows was Vista, and most of the people I know did not like Vista and tried to find ways to go back to XP.

There is now a conference for everything, but on October 31, 1945, MIT held the first conference on digital computer technique, First Conference on Digital Computer Technique. Unfortunatly there is not a lot that can befound around this besides it happened. I found this callout from a article on Forbes Launching The Cybersecurity Market. If anyone comes across more information please share it in the comments or send me a post so I could the post and add it.