2 min read
October 26, 2020

The of the things this blog will start getting more into is IoT (Internet of Things). IoT is like the Cloud they mean a lot. I purpose that IoT stops being an acronym for the Internet of Things, and just comes IoT. So nothing really changes. If you look at the definition of IoT you will get something along the lines that it describes the physical devices (things) around the world that are connected to the internet in some manner or another. Then you have the countless subcategories.

With that in mind, my point is why are we calling them things. We already are typically referring to them as IoT devices, you probably wouldn't say look at that Internet of Things device.

I realize it's a small change, but I would say this is how the average person probably sees it anyway. This would better align with society. I also think it provides a better option in how IoT is viewed in the future. You do not view IoT as things but specific devices that perform various tasks. In the boom of DIY who knew how it would evolve, or if it would be a thing, or would it just be a stepping stone to the next thing. If anything I would say IoT is the next evolution of technology. In the development world, the goal is to have 12 Factor Apps, The Tweleve-Factor App. If you are unsure why they are good, please go look them up, but take my word it's a good thing. So as you create apps that are more focused instead of having one large app you now have several smaller apps that work independently but are required for the system, so updates in one shouldn't affect the others. IoT gives you the ability to create a network of devices that individually might not perform the big picture but perform a specific task effectively and efficiently.

Just to drive the point home I have created a petition on change.org feel free to mark that you agree,Sign now.